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Thread: What harm could someone do with the information in my browser history?

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    Default What harm could someone do with the information in my browser history?

    Hi All,

    If someone got a hold of my browsing history, they couldnīt really do anything harmful, right?

    They would know a lot about me but they wouldnīt have information like my bank info, right?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Browsing History and Cookies will primarily leak your browsing habits & preferences, thereby compromising your privacy online.

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    Depends on what the browser stores on your computer and the level of expertise of person looking at your browser history. A newbie might not get much information except for what sites you have been visiting. But a moderate to advanced user might use the cookies to hack your accounts - not bank accounts though. Most e-commerce sites delete cookies as soon as you close the browser window. But other websites, like Facebook, Twitter etc don't do that. So the person may use those cookies to log into your account and hack them. If they change passwords, you'll be stuck.
    It is better to use passwords for user profiles on computer and keep the computer locked (Press Win+L) when leaving computer unattended.
    If you are using a public computer, I suggest you don't even use ecommerce sites. I have seen Internet Cafes putting in keyloggers to hack accounts. Office computers track your browsing and may use it against you.

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