Iv been using Snip since it was first made available to the public and since then have had several instances within several clean installs of Windows 10 where upon boot, Snip will not use its default hotkey of PrintScreen. Last 3 weeks, Snip will only start working properly if i go into the settings, change one of the settings and revert back. The the hotkey will work. I have tried uninstall and re install, repairing the install form the installer, even going back to a previous restore point when i completed a clean install of windows 10 about 4 weeks ago when i first installed Snip. The hotkey on windows boot worked for one week.

My previous install of Windows 10 which was also a clean install with all the same installed applications and on the same computer worked fine with Snip and it working on boot. I did have Snip freak out like this When Windows 10 first launched.

Has anyone here that might use Snip had this issue? Did you find a fix?