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Thread: Windows 10 Activation and previous versions question

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    Question Windows 10 Activation and previous versions question

    Good day

    I need some info on how the Windows 10 activation works please.

    So i want to reclaim my Free Upgrade to Win 10 before the expiry date in July, but don't necessarily want to run Windows 10 at this time, since there is still a few bumps in the road, and would prefer a clean install as well...but free time being a bit scarce due to studies etc, I would rather attempt this after exams. over the weekend what i have done, i clean installed Windows 10 on a spare PC and using my current Windows 8 key (basically convert my current windows key to win 10 key.)

    Everything went smoothly and windows 10 showed as activated, but so did my own PC which is running windows , it did not show as deactivated, both Windows shown as activated running at the same time.

    Used a key viewer to check the keys, and they were indeed different, my win10 differed from my original Win 8 key.

    So my question now is, can you run two different windows on the same key ? or does Windows 10 convert your current key to a whole new key, that is only used for Windows 10 ? like a totally new key or

    I don't want end of July to come and install Windows 10, only to realize i did not make use of the free upgrade option.

    TLDR: Can you run Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows at the same time using the same key ?

    Thanks for reading and in advance.

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    No you cannot use the same key.

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