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Thread: Windows 10 forced upgrade does not open to desktop

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    Default Windows 10 forced upgrade does not open to desktop


    i am new to the site so please forgive me if i'm doing things wrong! And guide me when needed!

    I am a pc tech with a "basic" knowledge of Windows.I had a customer who showed me her Windows 7 Pro pc that all of sudden, next day, had what looked like an incomplete WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE performed without
    her permission! I understand this has been happening recently quite a bit.

    The problem is her pc boots up, then says LOADING FILES then it asks for a KEYBOARD selection(usa,etc).

    After this it then only shows TROUBLESHOOTING and TURN OFF PC icons and THAT'S IT!

    I select troubleshoot and tried SYSTEM RESTORE but it says SELECT AN OPERATING SYSTEM FIRST but dont kno where to do that.

    I select REPAIR but it didnt repair it.She does not have an IMAGE.It will not bootup correctly in SAFE MODE either!

    Only get same selections. I havent had time to check but i feel her data/programs/etc are still intact.

    Is there something else i can try? She has an old program that will not work in 10 so iwas hoping to complete 10

    THEN revert back to Windows 7.Please let me know if there are things i can try without having to redo it completely?


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    sorry wanted to add i also tried "GO BACK TO PREVIOUS BUILD",this may not be the EXACT message but its what i remember.
    Again sorry for not being exact but after i selected it an ERROR came up(dont remember what it said)and it stopped and did not continue

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    Hi Junebug,

    To solve this issue, go through . It will help you in selecting the Windows OS in dual booting mode also.

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    You seem to have a messed up forced Windows 10 auto upgrade for some reason

    Try to enter Advanced Startup options from the link mentioned above and see you can carry out a Rollback.

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