I am having a problem with my computers being added as a different computer if:
1. I change the name in the Advanced Systems Settings>Computer Name>Change option
2. Use Diskpart and Dism booted into winpe with the following
I use dism on a mounted image to load the drivers, set the optional features, and set the product key.
I apply the image after a bare metal diskpart script is used by me which cleans, converts to gpt, sets, formats, and assigns drive letters (Uefi or Bios happens in both cases)
I use bcdboot c:\windows /s s:
exit winpe and restart
A autounattend xml sets 2 users and changes settings for user preferences during first boot
takes about 10-12 minutes nothing else is done

I have now twice had to deal with product key problems because the same key is being registered as a different computer each time. Regardless if the name is the same or auto generated
I have used both WSIM and NTLite for the answer files. I have a picture of my OneDrive account on the left side its shows exactly what i mean.
Happens on all 3 of these computers:
Dell Optiplex XE
Dell Inspiron 15-3520
HP Notebook PC 15-f233wm

I have 3 validated keys by microsoft before use. 2 are Windows 10 pro, 1 Windows 10 Home, doesn't matter though happened when I tested server 2016, 2012, 2008, Windows 10 Enterprise straight downloads from tech net.
Does the same thing with my amazon account and my private account I have for drivers. I thought this was going to be fixed with the new auto activation. keys are used on same computers each time I do not use keys from one unit to the other, same key, same unit every time.
There is a flaw somewhere has to do with computer name is Advanced System Settings have no idea cannot track it down. Getting tired of it, and no company is not selling duplicate keys they have been around a long time. and I have verified replacement keys with microsoft before using. I have proof. Any Ideas?