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Thread: Windows 10 and my sanity. Lost Photos, cannot rollback, etc.

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    Default Windows 10 and my sanity. Lost Photos, cannot rollback, etc.

    I had tried Win10 twice before d/l it for the third time and notice that their Photo App was just what I was looking for. All is well, all WAS well. I added my daughter
    as a user, then lost Photos as it would not load - it didn't even sneer when I tried to use it. So I googled for help and it was suggested I try u/l it again via the Win Store. Well, I can't even go there! So I lost Photos, lost Store, can't log into my Microsoft account because it asks for my Windows login which I don't remember, and it appears there is no way to have it reset.

    On top of all that, it appears I can't even go back to Win 8.1, so am stuck w/o Photos, Store, Win 8.1 and with Win 10 which I am finally figuring out really ----s,
    as does Microsoft in general. What a bloody crock!

    Anyone interested in a used laptop?

    Thanks, Bill, you and your company have done just great!

    Thomas Johnson

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    Multiple troubles and that is bad

    Try to get into the Advanced Startup options and repair your system. Then you may try a Rollback.
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