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Thread: Why do some music albums get jumbled tracks after ripping in Windows Media Player?

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    Default Why do some music albums get jumbled tracks after ripping in Windows Media Player?

    My problem is related to audio files.

    Whenever I buy physical CDs, I tend to use Windows Media Player to rip the files into lossless WAV files. This is so that I can listen to the tracks on my cell phone or other entertainment systems while not at home or occasionally using a USB stick with the CD player.

    However, very randomly, some of the albums seem to have the tracks completely jumbled when trying to listen to the albums on other devices than my PC (running Vista). It seems so random, that, for instance, CD1 of an album gets jumbled tracks but CD2 of the same album displays no such issues.

    Sometimes the tracks seem to be in order when I access the album folder on my PC and also when playing the tracks in Windows Media Player or through another music program. However, when playing the files on other devices like my phone, CD, Bluray player and even the old Playstation Portable, the ripped tracks from a particular CD seem jumbled. I.e, instead of showing tracks in the order of 1,2,3,4,5 etc, it shuffles them statically to 4,2,5,1,3 etc.

    Is there a way in Windows to make sure that the tracks will appear in the correct order on other devices? If I see the problem occuring, how can I remedy or permanently change an order?
    I have tried for quite some time to find a solution but have not been able to yet.

    As a side note, I am not sure this is a problem if the music is ripped to mp3 files. Apologise in advance if I sound stupid

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    Hi Yogibolle, What name does it gives to the MP3 files after ripping? Have you tried ripping it one by one instead of all songs? Have you tried any other freeware to rip? Its been a long time since I ripped audio CDs to MP3s.

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    The problem could be due to alphabetical order of song titles. If there are numbers assigned before tracks, there shouldn't be a problem. If not, they'll be sorted alphabetically. Try adding track numbers while ripping. The setting is available in Options -> Rip Music -> File Name. Let us know if it worked

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