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Thread: Dual boot Windows 10 & Windows 8.1 on a Win10 laptop with 2 HDD

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    Default Dual boot Windows 10 & Windows 8.1 on a Win10 laptop with 2 HDD


    I havnt had much luck with this. My daughter had a wrecked laptop but the HDD is good. My wife has a laptop so I purchased a hdd caddy which replaced the dvd drive with the hdd from my daughters laptop. The idea is that the laptop could dual boot to separate drives one for my daughter, and one for my wife. My wifes laptop has Windows 10 installed, but my daughter wants Windows 8.1, but may update to win 10.

    Is it possible to use the 2nd HDD and install win 8.1 on a win 10 laptop. i.e. dual boot both win 10 (original) and an added win 8.1 from the second hdd?

    I tried and have removed secure boot from the bios option but it refuses to boot from the usb win 8.1 installer I have.

    I also tried to change to legacy which allows me to boot from the usb but wont let me install to the 2nd hdd. Any help appreciated.

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    Since your daughter's HDD is already having Windows 8.1, I guess you can do an OS repair using the Windows 8.1 USB. There's no need to install all over again. Repair will simply change the 8.1's database/registry to match the new configuration. That done, you should be able to see dual boot. Make sure the 8.1 disk is slave in this case.

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