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Thread: PNG thumbnails not showing in Explorer

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    Default PNG thumbnails not showing in Explorer

    After upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, all my image thumbnails in Explorer show perfectly fine with the exception of PNG type.

    Read: Here is how to fix the PNG problem.

    It's strange, if I open a PNG with the Photo app then refresh the explorer window, the thumbnail will appear for the image I open, but none other. So If I open them one at a time and refresh Explorer, the thumbs will show.
    I have tried all the common 'fixes' I've seen here and from results of google searches - but none have solved my particular unusual problem.

    There's one other problem which I feel might be related.
    Windows App icons don't show on the taskbar or the Default programs dialog. The DO show in the start menu.
    What happens, is they show as a blank square on the taskbar and as a white document in default program dialog.

    Does anyone come across this weirdness?

    Yes I have the latest Radeon Drivers.
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    Try these:

    Open File Explorer Options > View tab > Uncheck Always show icons and never thumbnails > Apply.

    Rebuild Thumbnail & Icon Cache.

    Fix PNG file association.

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