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Thread: Problems with thousands of catalogued photos after Windows 10 upgrade

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    Unhappy Problems with thousands of catalogued photos after Windows 10 upgrade

    I have spent over a year working on all my photos (over 100,000), as we travel a lot, and have a separate folder for each trip. I have them all on a separate hard drive, and using windows live photo gallery have tagged and rated them, and have them in separate folders for different trips etc. This was great, as if, for example, I wanted to bring up all photos of animals, I could then have them - some from 30 years ago, some from yesterday, and could also decide to only bring up those with a 4 star rating, or all of them.

    I now find that all my libraries for these photos are no longer showing. My computer updated to Windows 10 without me knowing, and it was possible that the external hard drive was not plugged in at the time, so possibly this is why I no longer have all the photo libraries showing, or maybe it was just windows 10 itself.

    It is not a simple thing to get all these photo libraries back. The formatting of each file, showing the columns I want has also been lost e.g. date taken, tags, rating etc etc. I have to re-enter all these, and as a lot of folders have sub-files in them, this is time-consuming. I also have to go into each individual folder and use edit to get windows to catalogue them into a new library.

    All this is time-consuming and annoying, but doable.

    As it seems, after some googling, that windows live photo gallery has only a limited life now, I thought I'd look at the new photos app to see if this could be used, seeing I have to do a lot of work anyway. This new app looks completely hopeless - I don't want it deciding which photos are good or bad etc etc etc

    I had heard picasa was good, but after checking, find that this has also been retired.

    I'm very worried that the THOUSANDS of hours I've spent tagging and rating photos will become wasted if windows live photo gallery disappears. Does anyone know how I can make sure this doesn't happen.

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