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Thread: OS-independent Free Boot Manager or Loader Software

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    Default OS-independent Free Boot Manager or Loader Software

    Is there a way to avoid Windows10 messing around with the MBR and PBR of other installed OSes ?
    I don't want to use the Win10 Boot-manager but another OS-independent Boot-manager.

    Any suggestion to other OS-independent Boot-managers would be welcomed too. Actually I'm using Air-Boot.

    Installing Windows7 in one partition, Windows10 in another and reactivating Air-Boot results allready in problems. Never had any problems before, so I really wonder what Windows10 is messing around.

    To be clear, the example (Win7/Win10) I gave isn't clarifying everything. I want to be able to boot any other OS too, as I did before

    Any help, explanation, suggestion greatly welcomed because it's unclear to me what Windows10 setup is doing.

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    I donīt use W10 so i canīt say exactly how it works.
    But usually when you add (install) a newer Windows-O/S it "takes over" as bootpartition.
    This is neccesary because an older O/S doesnīt know about the newer O/S, and cannot boot it.

    If fx. you have W7 and add W10, you can restore W7 as bootpartition.
    But, you have to copy bootmgr from W10 to W7.

    Personally i use EasyBCD, and have continued to use WS2008-R2 as my main O/S and bootpartition,
    even though i have added (tried) several other (newer) O/S.

    I have never heard of Air-boot, but you should probably be able to continue using it.

    Exactly what problems have you had after installing W10 and "reactivating Air-Boot"?
    You canīt start W10...?

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