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Thread: Windows 10 Flash Player is not installed & I cant reinstall it

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    Angry Windows 10 Flash Player is not installed & I cant reinstall it

    Ever since I installed the free offer of Windows 10 onto my laptop, I have had multiple problems .... First I lost my start screen, I have intermittent problems with accessing different apps, and now my virus protection is missing along with my flash player... they are literally not installed anymore!

    Flash player is supposed to be integrated into Win 10, so when I tried to download it I keep getting a flash player help page instead that has a test button... result is ... "Flash Player - not installed"! PROBLEM 1: THERE IS NOT ANY AVAILABLE WAY TO INSTAL IT EXCEPT TO DO A RE-INSTAL OF WIN 10.... PROBLEM 2: TRIED SEVERAL TIMES IN DIFFERENT WAYS TO RE-INSTAL WIN 10 & GOT THE SAME RESULT..... A message that said a problem occurred and action can not be completed. I am no IT Tech and this is really getting frustrating! I need this PC to properly work, can't afford to pay someone to fix it and really would appreciate it if I could get some real help here. ASAP PLEASE.

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    Uninstall Flash plugins or addons of you have them installed on your alternate browsers.

    Uninstall Flash via your Control Panel or better still use Adobe Flash Uninstaller to uninstall it completely from your PC.

    Use CCleaner to clear PC junk, restart and now try.

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