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Thread: Norton Disk Doctor wonít let my computer boot up properly

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    Default Norton Disk Doctor wonít let my computer boot up properly


    I wonder if you can help.

    I have a HP Envy Laptop and had Norton Utilities to run a ScanDisk job on start-up.

    Unfortunately it looks like it has caused a major problem as my computer wonít properly boot up and Norton Disk Doctor doesnít go away.

    I have tried to get around this obstruction caused by Norton but it wonít go away and I am now getting messages that my computer needs to be repaired.

    I managed to boot my computer with a USB drive to capture all data from the hard drive onto an external disk so my data isnít lost, but when I use HP Recovery Manager on a USB drive, Norton Disk Doctor keeps interfering and wonít let me boot up so I can restore my computer to factory settings again.

    It is just a matter of getting past this obstruction caused by Norton to get my computer reset.

    Any ideas in what to do with the bios or UEFI settings to get it to boot directly without interference from Norton preventing it from booting as this is what has been the problem beforehand?

    Many thanks.

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    Can you boot in safe mode and uninstall that product?

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