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Thread: Windows 10 update restarts, freezes, now won't start at all

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    Default Windows 10 update restarts, freezes, now won't start at all

    Newbie with big problem.
    Hi, Name is Jim. Hope someone can help, MS support not helpful. I have a 4 year old Acer desktop with a octa core processor and 12 gb ram, 1TB WD sata 6c drive came with Win7 loaded. I did the Win 10 free upgrade last June 2016.

    Last Monday evening I turned on my desktop for the first time in 2 weeks to catch up on emails, etc.
    After a while I got a notice that my computer needed to restart. I had the option to do it later, even select what time I wanted to do the restart. I was in the middle of typing an email and I wanted to check some web sites out so I told it to wait for an hour. Funny I was not offered to cancel the restart. I checked to see if the update was from MS, it was listed in downloaded updates from MS in control panel/programs. At least I think I was looking at the right thing. I'll admit I don't always know for sure whats happening.

    During the restart the usual screen appeared showing the "do not turn off your computer", Updating, and a blow-by-blow of the percentage completed of the update including the little while balls traveling in a circle. It reached 30% and the little balls stopped moving. The mouse pointer also would not move. I looked down at the computer and the drive light was off, not even a flicker. I waited 45 minutes and nothing happened. After killing the power, the system booted ok but windows 10 won't start. I tried over 10 times but can't get win 10 to start. I get a black screen with a blue window and little white balls traveling in a circle for a few minutes and then the screen goes black and the drive light stops flickering. No matter how long I wait, nothing happens. I did a little research and found that MS says they have a problem with an update and I am one of many that this has happened to but they have NO FIX! I've been on the phone with their tech staff in both ?? (India) and the US and was told they do not deny this but can only recommend I do a clean win 10 install. (Anyone know for sure, did MS cause this?) I do not want to do this unless I have absolutely exhausted all possible solutions. I have thousands of files on it that are very important to me. Family photos dating back to the early 1900/s and documents, technical files for my hobby and the many programs I've installed.

    MS has told me everything from my hard drive "failed/crashed" to I should buy a new HDD and install win10 on it, use my old drive as slave and I can get my files off of it. They also said I could download the win10.ISO file and create a bootable dvd with the ISO file on it. This will give me a few options for fixing the problem. I did create the dvd and it does boot but I have tried to fix/repair/restore (to a setting on my pc) win10 without any luck. I have not re-installed win10 because I don't want to loose my files. I even chose the option to use a cmd prompt. There I am able to navigate the HDD and "see" the dos listing of the files listed in the various "dir"ectories. I used to play around with DOS back in the day.

    The computer boots through the bios no problem, it just simply won't start windows 10. The bios recognizes the HDD and I am able to "look" at it with the cmd prompt so how could the hdd be bad? A bad spot would not let me list a directory would it?

    BTW: Hindsight being 20/20, I guess I am going to need to purchase an external 1 or 2 TB HDD and backup, backup, backup! Guess I had the "it won't happen to me" mindset.

    So, can anyone help? Any suggestions. Anyone have the same thing happen to them?

    Thank you for your time,

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    Can you connect the hard disk to another computer and back you data there?

    Try to boot your Windows in Safe Mode and see if you can work from there.

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    Two years and a few months later, I have a very similar problem... When I boot up, the computer just sits with the blue "Window" logo and the circle of "rotating balls" - they stop and freeze... power off reboot, same thing... persistent (albeit smart enough to know better) I try again, and this time it is "Attempting Windows Repair"... and freeze... after several cycles of wash, rinse, and repeat, suddenly it boots! Maybe I can finally fix it? Nope, while looking for the MicroSoft tools, it freezes again...
    I need some form of repair/diagnostic tool on bootable media so I can fix Windows without having to get it to boot up... I have lots of good toys for my Linux machines, but this is my wife's computer... 8-core FX-8350 cpu, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD for OS and 750GB WD Black for data... only other Windows machines are laptops - not much help with big hardware.
    So, what tools that I can download and burn to CD/DVD are out there? Any bootable?

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    I think, restore backup to last check point. and try doing it again.
    Otherwise you will need to do troubleshoot with complete repair or reinstall the copy in worst case.

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