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Thread: Windows Defender Security Center window will not stay open

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    Question Windows Defender Security Center window will not stay open

    Tried to use Windows Defender to check a new software download before installing but the Defender window just flashed up briefly and closed. Windows Defender exhibits same behaviour if I attempt to open it from either the Notification Area or via the Security Settings from the Start Menu. It just briefly flashes up the outline of a window and then closes again. The white sheild icon in the Notification Area shows the green tick that says all is well but I'm concerned that maybe it's not working. Could it be clashing with Antimalwarebytes? That's the only other security programme I'm running.

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    Disable the other anti-malware and see if you can now open it; although this shouldnt be the reason, ad I can open Windows Defender Security Center on my laptop even when I have another antivirus installed.

    Now I am not sure if this will help you but repair the WMI Repository, and see if it helps. To do so, open an elevated command prompt windows from the Windows 10 WinX menu, type winmgmt /verifyrepository and hit Enter.

    If you get a WMI repository is consistent message, then there is nothing else you need to do. But if you get a WMI repository is inconsistent message, you can reset or repair the WMI repository. To do so, type winmgmt /salvagerepository and hit Enter. You will see a WMI repository has been salvaged message. Now see if it has helped.

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