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Thread: Windows 10 continuously and randomly shuts down and then instantly reboots

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    Default Windows 10 continuously and randomly shuts down and then instantly reboots

    I have a problem with my Windows 10 home premium PC. It continuously and randomly shuts down and then instantly reboots.

    The shutdown time is random. Therefore it lasts long enough sometimes after a reboot for me to get it into safe mode. In safe mode it is is stable. I have left it sit there for several hours with no spontaneous shut down and reboot. Also if I go into the bios, it is stable. Therefore I've concluded that it is not a hardware problem. It appears to be corrupted Windows files.

    I have done the following to diagnose and fix the problem. However nothing has worked.

    1. win 10 self repair and diagnostics doesn't work. This includes resetting Windows.
    The reason being is that it never lasts long enough for Windows to get the job done before it spontaneously shuts down and reboots.
    2. I have tried the following commands from safe mode command prompt
    sfc /scannow.
    The result is that it says it can't find anything wrong

    Normally when I have have had this kind of problem in the past, all I did was blow away the hard drive and get my installation disk and reinstall and start over again. However this is the free upgrade from Windows 7. What I am wondering about now, is since I don't really have a Windows 10 installation disk, can I reinstall Windows 7 and then do the free upgrade again.

    Another option that I have thought about is creating a repair disk from one of my other win 10 computers and then using the product key from my original Windows 7 installation disk to reinstall.

    Would any of these options work.


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