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Thread: What privileges does the first User Account have?

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    Default What privileges does the first User Account have?

    I'm building a security seminar, and want to recommend that Windows users have two accounts: one elevated, and one for generic web surfing and/or guest. Most of us just build one user per PC. For example JimsPC. If that is the one and only account, does it have the highest privileges available?

    If so, should I create a second account (for example JimsPCx). If I do nothing else, what privileges does that have?
    What steps do I take to ensure web surfing under JimsPCx doesn't allow malware to gain admin privileges.

    Additional best practices for Windows security would be helpful.

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    Yes, it is always a good idea of having 2 accounts. The first one is the Administrator Account. The second ccount you should create is the Standard Account and use it for your daily computing & browsing.
    There is some more information here:
    Admin, Standard, Work, School, Child, Guest Account in Windows 10
    Advantages of creating separate Accounts on a Windows PC

    This post may interest you too: Tips To Secure Windows 10/8/7 - Security Tips

    All the best.

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