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Thread: Aberrant single-click Windows File Explorer behavior

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    Default Aberrant single-click Windows File Explorer behavior

    In Windows 10 (14393.1198) when I create a new directory in File explorer using any of the available methods method it does not show up either in the directory list on the left pane or the file list on the right pane until I click on the "leaf" directory name in the directory chain list on the top of the file explorer screen. If I do this the new directory appears in the file list and I am able to enter the directory name. But the new directory re-displays as New folder in the file list screen until such time as I click on the last leaf in the file chain again. If I do not have the file chain displayed and create a new folder when I am downloading and have the file list in the dialog box for this action it still creates a new directory but does not display it. I then have to go out of the dialog go into file manager rename from new folder in the file directory (re click to see it as above) and then resume the download into the new now displayed directory. I am trying to determine if this is a new behaviour in Windows 10 or an or well documented issue from Windows 7. The machine I am testing with had windows 10 installed as an upgrade.

    I am writing to ask a follow up question on single click behaviour from another thread but posted it here as it may be a Windows 10 issue.

    Have you seen this and do you have any additional background on this issue? I believe it is an aberrant behaviour due to using one click,

    Thank you in advance for your consideration and time to assist me with this issue. I hope that I have been able to illustrate it clearly enough for you.


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    Normal behavior should have been, when you click on New Folder, it should create a New folder immediately with cursor in it and show at appropriate place like if its arranged by Name. Does it take time to create /show New Folder? have you installed any new programs ? Since when this is happening? In View Arrange by different ways and see. Does refreshing the list helps? Any 3rd party program is interfering in Explorer? In View > options> Change Folder & Search options >
    Then in View Restore defaults & see.
    How much memory doe your PC have? Update your PC with latest updates and also ensure there's no virus, malware..

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