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Thread: Problem Restarting Windows 10 PC

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    Unhappy Problem Restarting Windows 10 PC

    Need help with Windows 10 restart. My Windows computer will not do a restart. It freezes up. Windows 10 was already installed on my new HP computer. Whenever I try a restart, the computer idles down then just hangs there with fans running and a blank screen most of the time. Part of the time it would display the light blue screen with the "Restarting" logo on it, then go blank again. The first time this happened, I let it go for over 3 hours!

    The only way I can interupt this "restart" freeze is to press the power button on the front panel for about 15 seconds, release, then hold it in for 3 seconds to start it up again. Now I'm afraid to restart my computer. What about updates? Is this a problem with one of my processes or services not shutting down? Could it be a faulty or incompatible device driver? A faulty or incompatible program running that's causing the problem? ..... Or is it simply a bug in Windows 10?

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    It must be some process that is blocking the Restart operation.

    Please see if something here helps you: Windows 10 will not or does not Shutdown on Restart.

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