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Thread: Post Windows 10 16212 Download Meltdown

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    Default Post Windows 10 16212 Download Meltdown

    Everything was working just fine on my Sony Vaio 18.4 VGN-AW21XY laptop. I turned it on, swiped my finger print scanner to sign in on the HELLO sign in page, saw a message stating that I needed to restart my laptop to finish download and install the latest Windows 10.1 Pro update -K 16212...I click the restart and from that moment on have lost Windows 10.1 Pro, Hello sign in with finger print, the finger print scanner itself, the use of my wireless keyboard and mouse, my 4TB external hard drive (not recognised). What is going on? Please help. Many thanks

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    As far as I can tell then 16212 was released unintentionally and it can break your device. It can end up in a boot loop. I guess that is what happend to you.

    I hope you have a backup or at least one restore point from before the update. Then you can use the recovery tool and set windows back to this state.

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    Are you Windows Insider? Is the build 16212 got fully installed? Remove your External hard drive or any other external connected device and try to start in Safe mode. If you are able to start, as said go back to earlier build with restore point which is prior to the date this update go installed.
    Please check this blog post from Microsoft for more details :

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