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Thread: Tweaking task view in Windows 10

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    Default Tweaking task view in Windows 10

    Hey everyone, im new the forum but I've been using and loving Ultimate Windows Tweaker for a few years now.

    I was hoping to get some help changing something really specific in Windows 10.

    By default there is a button in the bottom left of your taskbar labeled 'task view', clicking it displays all the windows you have open in that desktop instance, all at once. So it's a really useful way of switching in and out of specific windows when your running lots of them (much faster than alt + tab for example).

    These smaller task view windows are arranged in the order you last used them, with the newest top left, oldest bottom right. This means that the position of each window in the task view list is *constantly* changing as you move in and out of them.

    What I'm desperately looking for is an app or windows tweak that will disable the sorting for them all together, or even better! let you manually drag and position them around and then lock them.

    If I could do that, I could basically use task view as a fullscreen taskbar that displays a thumbnail for each open folder or program.

    Is this ringing any bells to anyone? Know of or have seen anything like this? It seems too useful to not exist!

    Thanks for reading all of that, I really appreciate the help. - Jim from Adelaide, Australia.

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    Excellent idea and very useful. Let me see in this what I can do. You should search for TaskView alternatives on Google and there might have been some software for it. Also you should submit this feedback in Feedback app of Windows 10 so that it reaches Microsoft.

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