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Thread: Control Panel > Mail (Microsoft Office 2016) applet "not found"

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    Default Control Panel > Mail (Microsoft Office 2016) applet "not found"

    The link appears to be broken. Multiple attempts during O365PP installations probably did it so I am considering it to be an Office problem (for which I paid money).

    I tried going through Office 365 support and was kindly shown the "out of our scope" door and sent to general support ROBOT...

    I am OKAY for now and Outlook 2016 does work. But I had a close call with accidentally selecting an obsolete profile and OUTLOOK would not start-up.
    From what I have researched, using this applet seem the way to handle these issues.

    "Free" Microsoft Support seems to have almost nothing on this issue and what people have been told on-line to try does not appear to work for any of them.
    Left open, dangling. Some of this from 2015!

    It seems to me to be a registry problem. Maybe there is a Fix It or Troubleshooter out there that can solve it.

    I found an app called WinMail.exe but it immediately WERs on me so I assume that is not the correct link from Control Panel either.

    Yeah, I can live with for now and who knows for how long. But someday my profile will go bad and then what????

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum for posting but it seems Office does not want to own this one.
    Suggestions / corrections gratefully accepted.


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    Sorry to hear abut your problems, but not much I can say on this issue. Posting on Microsoft Answers Forum, Office section may help...

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