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Thread: I allowed remote access to my computer to Repair scammers

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    Default I allowed remote access to my computer to Repair scammers

    I received this screen Windows Defender Alert #8x0072ee7 on Thursday night along with a repeated verbal warning to not shut down and to contact Helpdesk at 800.208.6266 immediately, I followed the instructions and ended up being directed to 1.888.610.0490 which is Geek Americas and allowed them access to clean up my laptop! !

    Now I'm afraid to use my laptop because I feel this was a mistake on my part. I'm asking for help from Microsoft for direction.

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    Yes, it was a mistake

    Your system could have been completely compromised. There could be malware or even a keylogger planted.

    I suggest you immediately back up your data and keep it on an external drive. I would also suggest that change the passwords of all your online accounts using ANOTHER PC right away.

    Had I been in your place, I would format and fresh install Windows on my PC. This would be the safest way. If you don't want to do this, then you should run at least 2-3 antivirus software to clean your system - but in your place, I would go for a format.

    Read more: How to avoid Tech Support Scams.

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