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Thread: Network & Change Adapter Settings Windows 10 Pro Creators

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    Default Network & Change Adapter Settings Windows 10 Pro Creators

    I'm certain I've a very unusual problem. My setup at home is as follows: I've a notebook PC with Windows 10 Home installed and also a desktop PC with Windows 10 Pro. The Creators version 1703 is installed on both PC's and I also have a home NAT desktop as an Ubuntu server for several years now and this is my problem.

    On my desktop PC: The network folder when clicking on "Network" from within the Windows Explorer does not show any network connections of the Notebook PC or the Ubuntu server except for the the local Computer. Also, Adapters are not showing in the "Network and Sharing Center, Network Connections. Yet my internet is functioning perfectly and I can map a drive to the desktop only after a few attempts by typing in the server and destination \\UBUNTU\MTC Cloud.

    No problem of this sort on my Notebook PC. If I'm making any sense, anybody, with ideas please help. I know to restore or reset Windows to default but alas, what a drag. Thank you in advance.

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    If things are working fine, I don't think you need to reset the PC.

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