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Thread: Shift Click left mouse button to Select not working & Folder Options issue

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    Default Shift Click left mouse button to Select not working & Folder Options issue

    Hi folks - just getting started here and really need some help. I bought a refurbished PC (Dell) in May and have been having problems with Windows 10 functionality since. Here are two issues I would love to get an answer for:

    1. Using the Shift + Left Mouse button ALWAYS selected a large group of text in Windows XP. Place the selection point at the start of the text and then use Shift + Left Mouse button and presto: large group of text is selected. It does not work for me in Windows 10. I have to use the Left Mouse drag format and its a real drag. Is there a dialog box I can access where I can change a default setting so that it does work?

    2. Folders - I cannot get them to remember their last setting. Open up one folder and the next one you open is in the same size and almost the same position as the last one opened. Close the folder and it doesn't remember its position and size.

    I guess I am asking the obvious but ... why does Microsoft always tend to screw things up? Why take away (by default) the two of the things that we have gotten so used to in Windows?

    My other pet peeve is the file overwrite confirmation dialog showing up BEHIND folders and programs on the desktop.

    I mean, who was beta testing this OS and why wasnt this vehemently contested before the OS was released? I know that thousands of people beta tested this product. Was MS turning a deaf ear to their comments or did folks just accept these changes?

    Hope you can help me out ....

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    Using Left Hand, hold down LCtrl + LAlt + LShift.
    With Right Hand hold down RCtrl + RAlt + RShift.
    Does this reset your Keyboard and Mouse settings?
    Does this help?

    Also see Reset Keyboard settings to default in Windows 10/8/7 and Cannot select more than one file or folder in Windows.

    Regarding your other problem, open Folder Options, click on the Reset Folders button, restart your computer and see if it has helped.

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