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Thread: Can I uninstall Apps from the Windows app folder?

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    Default Can I uninstall Apps from the Windows app folder?

    I have a 32GB netbook that came with Windows 10 which I updated to version 1511 with a lot of difficulty with because of not enough free space . I Managed to download and install Version 1703 by deleting some large folders Selecting the Windows Partition and formatting it before installing a clean Win 10 in it.

    When I look at what has been installed using Tree View there is 33GB being used . 17.5GB Windows Folder .Then there is 5GB Windows OLD , 4.7GB $windows~BT Folders which I have deleted using Disc clearing Tool

    What concerns me is large Folder in Program Files / Windows Apps 2.2 GB which appears to contain Files of a lot of Windows apps which I do not require can this folder be safely deleted


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    You may use our freeware 10AppsManager to uninstall these apps.

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