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Thread: A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed 0xc00000bb

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    Default A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed 0xc00000bb

    Hello there.

    I'm having quite a big problem with my computer.
    The problem is that windows shoves updates down my throat like a maniac, but my computer will not boot after i updated the machine.

    When i restart my pc i get greeted by the error message:

    Your PC needs to be repaired, A required device isnít connected or canít be accessed, Error code 0xc00000bb

    After googling for a while it became apparent that quite alot of people that use a NVMe ssd, a "Samsung 960 evo m.2" in my case have the exact same problem (NVMe Drive) .

    I tried installing the creators update from the Media Creation tool, but that didn't do anything different.
    apparently the only fix that some users found is a clean install, but i don't want to format my entire machine because of one damn update that is unavoidable, so i'd rather completely shut off any and all updates forever.

    I do have my old ssd drive, with the previous Win10 install that i used before i did a hardware change, and was therefore forced to make a new installation because win10 can't handle a hardware change (that's another bs thing about win10).

    But i'd rather not change back to that and throw my new ssd away just because Win10 can't handle it.
    Updating the pc breaks it and disabling updates won't work because the computer turns it back on.

    Does anyone have an idea what i can do?

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    If you see option F8 available on the error screen, use it to go to Advanced Startup settings.

    If you see option F9 available on the error screen, use it to run Automatic Repair.

    Else, boot into Advanced Startup Settings, access the Comand Prompt and run Automatic Repairs. You may also use the 'Repair my computer' option in your Windows Installation disk.

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