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Thread: installutil.exe Command Prompt flashes. What does this mean?

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    Default installutil.exe Command Prompt flashes. What does this mean?

    In this post, I am going to concentrate on one issue I have suspected was associated with a hacker from the beginning. And more so as time has gone by. It involves my command prompt box. Ever since all this suspicious behavior started on my machine, my command prompt box would come up at random times for about one second, no longer. Sometimes there is writing in the box, sometimes not. Because it goes by so fast have been unable to do a print screen. However, tonight I got lucky. I FINALLY got the screen printed and transferred it to my Paint. The box comes up daily, usually two or three times, as I said at very random times as I have kept records. Unfortunately, on the one I finally caught tonight, there was nothing in the box, but there was some writing across the border on the top. I am going to print here all it said, as I have NO IDEA what it means or may mean. I am hoping someone here may be able to look at this and give me some ideas about it or any information would help.

    Here is what it said: Select C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\inst allutil.exe

    If you know what that means or even part of it, or have some ideas or theories I would really like to hear them, as I cannot make heads or tails of any of it. It certainly looks "wrong".I do not activate the command prompt box EVER, it just comes up. I have read many things in the search engines that can possibly account for the command prompt box coming up, but have found nothing that relates to my situation. I have seen a few say they were worried it might indicate hacker or malicious activity, like maybe trying to "connect" and other various theories. Understand I NEVER had anything like this happen until all my "problems" began about 2 months ago.

    Thank you for any and all help.(Please don't ask me to run any scans because I have already done all that and there is no further need. I am POSITIVE a hacker is on my network, I do not need any more scans to convince me of that. I just want some help with this problem I am describing, PLEASE)

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    You never got any error messages after seeing this popup? What "problems" started since 2 months? Anyway this installutil.exe is a installer tool from Microsoft.NET. Have you connected any peripheral like printers etc?If yes, unplug printer from the USB port. Then do a clean boot, uninstall the current drivers and install the latest drivers of that printer/peripheral.
    Also have you tried upgrading to most current version of the .Net Framework package? If not upgrade to latest .NET framework. Try these and see if it helps.
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