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Thread: Change default program in Windows 10 Settings - Problems

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    Default Change default program in Windows 10 Settings - Problems

    The issue is best explained by an example. I want to associate the .XLSM file with Excel 2016. The later is not an option when you use the settings app using any number of routes in default apps. If Excel 2017 is not available to select and available in the app store then you appear to be stuck. I've many other examples

    There are numerous articles about the limitations of using the settings app (default apps) and most refer you to the classic Control Panel. Unfortunately the options there now send you back to the settings app. I believe that changed in the recent release.

    I must be mad. It's surely a simple matter of associating files with apps, particularly something as basic as an excel file type with Excel. But I cant see it. HELP!

    many thanks

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    Yeah I see your problem.

    Check if FileTypesMan: View, edit file extensions and types in Windows helps you.

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