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Thread: Force Windows 10 ".old" to install?

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    Default Force Windows 10 ".old" to install?

    My system's a 'hybrid?' with a 150GB SSD & 1TB HDD. It had been 'rescued' by a tech$ before, when it wouldn't boot, but had a couple identities, which might not even show up until you did a backup and wondered why there were two, and was hanging by a thread then next crash, another tech put the OS properly on the SSD, but the 'old hard drive' was a jumble of empty directories in the explorer 'folder tree' and I was trying to get the ssd/ OS to send stuff to tidied documents, downloads, etc. on the HDD. Everything seemed fine, but when I came home after stepping out for an hour, the dirty dog had locked up and needed 'reset'.

    So I freaked out (Never a good idea, but it's microsoft..) and basically installed win 10 pro over everything. Although Recuva free finds hundreds of thousands of files that can be recovered on the old HDD, they're in no order, and I guess something like R studio could....?

    So, I just have a windows.old folder ~20 GB, but restore in settings doesn't see it in revert to earlier version etc.?

    -Is there a way to force it to install, because that would be an elegant fix? I also have pre-crash 'file history' and 'disc image' backups on a portable hard drive, but using them seems difficult to impossible....

    Thanks, hey (I'm in Vancouver, eh) brrr need tropical vacation...

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    The Windows.old folder is used to rollback Windows 10 to a previous version within the stipulated time.

    If you don't see this option in your Settings, I am afraid there won't be any way to go back.

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