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Thread: How to stop Windows 10 from upgrading to next version

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    Default How to stop Windows 10 from upgrading to next version

    Is there any way of killing the Windows 10 update to the 1709 version?

    I like Windows 10 but only up to version 1607, after that half of my programs don't work, and Windows desktop becomes very uncooperative to anything else but what Microsoft dictates. This is a complete disaster and I am thinking of going back to Windows 7 or even become an Apple user.

    I have tried to disable the Windows update from the services, the Group Policy Editor, and I have even downloaded a couple of little programs that supposedly disable Windows Update, (one was from The Windows Club) but it just keeps on coming back after each reboot.

    Simply a Microsoft nightmare!

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    Setting Windows Update Service status to Disabled. That should help actually.

    Try setting Remote Procedure Call Service also to Disabled. But this may affect your other features.

    More suggestions here: How to turn off Windows Update in Windows 10

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