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Thread: How to disable Disk Check on startup to access Advanced Startup Options?

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    Default How to disable Disk Check on startup to access Advanced Startup Options?

    My laptop's hard drive got corrupted files and now it does a disk check every time I boot it but I can still skip it by pressing any key. Because there's a problem with my hard drive, after I input my password in the login screen, the desktop is just black and the only thing I can see is the cursor.

    I want to access the advanced startup options to do a repair/system restore/reset or even just access the command prompt but I can't, firstly because of the black desktop problem, and second, Shift+Restart on login screen doesn't work because of the disk check everytime my laptop is booted.

    Can I still disable the disk check given the situation I am in or there's really nothing I can do anymore?

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    The only thing I can think of at this time: on another computer, create a USB or DVD boot that also contains a portable version of WC's Ultimate Windows Tweaker, either version 3 or whatever the version is for Windows 10; boot it, find the click box for disabling automatic reboot upon...whatever; click it disable and SAVE "that page". I would recommend making no other changes at this time.

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    You're asking the WRONG question. You should not be asking how to disable ChkDsk, but how to obviate the need for it on every boot. You need to resolve the issue that CREATED the untenable situation. It's kinda like getting stabbed in the gut when you go to the wrong side of the tracks to buy crack. You keep trying to buy crack on the wrong side of the tracks—and you keep getting stabbed. Stop trying to buy crack, and you'll stop getting stabbed.

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    Try C-Cleaner, You can manage startup programs using C-Cleaner

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