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Thread: Windows 10 Reboot Loop - Nothing works

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    Default Windows 10 Reboot Loop - Nothing works

    Hopefully someone can help me with this.

    Since attempting an update yesterday, my Windows 10 PC has become stuck in a permanent reboot loop. I'm aware that other people have experienced this issue and that there are other older threads on it, but most of the existing solutions I've found seem to involve getting the machine either into safe mode or automatic repair mode, neither of which I'm able to do. The boot up never makes it as far as the login screen; it simply restarts as soon as it reaches the black "Restoring your previous version of Windows..." loading screen. I've seen suggestions that you can force it into automatic repair mode by turning the computer off during the boot up three times in a row, but this doesn't seem to work for me. Is there any other way to activate safe mode or automatic repair mode straight from boot up?

    The other option I've found is to install Windows from a bootable USB drive, using another Windows 10 PC. I've started preparing to do this, but first I just wanted to check if anyone was aware of any simpler solutions? Also, can someone confirm whether or not taking this option will wipe the documents on my machine? And if it does, what's the easiest way to back up my files, bearing in mind I can't access the computer at all?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    There are some suggestions here: Windows 10 stuck in endless reboot loop

    You will have to use a bootable installation media to repair your PC. You can select the option to save your existing files and data during the process.

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