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Thread: Windows 10 keyboard and mouse not working

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    Default Windows 10 keyboard and mouse not working

    I have a desktop W10, KB and mouse connected via USB cables. I had to do a hard shut down holding the power button. Now the KB and mouse does not work and the led lights are off when W10 screen is on. I can bring up the PC in BIOS setup utility. The KB and mouse led lights are on and I can use the arrow keys on the KB. I cannot get to get to W10 safe mode tapping on F8 and hitting the power button to turn on the PC. I unplugged the USB connections when the PC is off, powered on the PC and plugged in the KB and mouse hoping to update the drivers, but that did not work. I think the drivers are corrupted but cannot get to safe mode to try to update. Suggestions? I spend several house researching this without success. Thanks

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    Pls see Keyboard or Mouse not working in Windows 10

    In some cases, you may need to temporarily use another mouse/keyboard with the PC that is facing issues.

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