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Thread: Previous owners name appears on the login page of laptop

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    Default Previous owners name appears on the login page of laptop

    A small but annoying problem. I have bought a second-hand laptop and the name of the previous owner appears on the login page, the userís folder etc. Is there anything I can do to change this?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Create a new User account. Move your files to the new User account and then delete the old User Account.
    How to create a New User Account in Windows 10

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    "Used" = energetically-waving red flag. Creating a new user account and migrating data files—and re-customizing all your personal settings—will work, but…why not do it right? Your best bet is to perform a clean reinstall; this was somebody else's machine, and you're inheriting problems they created, no matter how "clean" the system appears. Reformat the entire drive; restore the OS to factory default condition RE: manufacturer specifications (laptops can be kinda tricky; a lot of machines, you can't use a non-model-specific OS installation disk, or you'll "brick" it).

    …But, before starting over from scratch, back up your data files, OFC. Then, after re-installing OS, completely personalizing system settings per your preferences, and transferring data files back to laptop, back up system image on a different device / external media. That way, you don't have to repeat donkey-work in case you have to do this again.

    I've done this with like eight different laptops, one of which—the first—I bricked. Drove me barking mad.

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