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Thread: How to reset Program file associations to default

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    Default How to reset Program file associations to default

    work we have a software program that several times a day will erase my default program associations for : Http, https, PDF, jpeg, mailto. So several times a day I need to manually re associate firefox, paint, adobe, outlook. It is annoying. I think the program that does it is Goldmine as it interacts with all those file formats. I was recently upgraded to win 10 and that is when these issues started. I assume it is rewriting it self to default those items while it interacts with them and then writes back the original defaults. But i assume changes to the win10 registry system have made the re write portion of the software incorrect. Gold mine has yet no update to this version that we use and I can not update the version.

    What i am asking for is if someone could help or preferable supply a reg - bat file that I can manually run to reset all those to the programs I use. At least it will then be quicker - easier to re associate those files.

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    You need to contact your network administrator regarding this issue. You wouldn't even have this problem with a home PC—you would be the administrator. I've done corporate network administration before. There are reasons administrators institute the policies that they do, chiefly, to ensure that all network users can seamlessly share data and applications.

    Unless you have a green flag from your network admin, you're throwing a monkey wrench into your company's metaphorical bowels. If what you're trying to do is kosher by company standards (by most, it isn't), then the admin guy is your best bet.

    I have a network administration tool I use at home, 1st Security Administrator, for non-corporate purposes, and using it I can prevent precisely the kind of end-run around company directives you're attempting. I can prevent ANY directory's access, completely disable all context menus, dictate Read / Write access…I can even fix it so that the only thing you can do is—literally—turn the computer on and off.

    You might have the wrong job at work. YOU might want to be the admin guy; YOU might want to make these decisions. But, unless you're shooting for a job like that, stuff like this will usually end up getting you fired.

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    Try this. Manually set all your program file associations to default. Then export these registry keys.
    Configure, export, import App File Associations in Windows 10/8.1
    When you need to, you can import these keys to reset.

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