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Thread: Cursor Help Wanted from Knowledgeable Editors: How Big Can I Go?

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    Arrow Cursor Help Wanted from Knowledgeable Editors: How Big Can I Go?

    Windows 10 "inherited" many cursors from Windows 7, e.g., the Aero cursors, each of which is a multi-format archive of differently-resolved images. aero_normal.cur has within it these resolutions:
    • 128px
    • 96px
    • 64px
    • 48px
    • 32px
    I can use four different applications to create cursors (and and more for icons), but the easiest is Aha-Soft's IconLover, which I've been using since 2003 to author cursors and icons. I know a lot, but I know enough to see that I am operating at a disadvantage. The trick is to ask the right questions. Windows 10 allows users to determine, basically, three different cursor resolutions to be displayed—but Windows' default cursor format has five resolutions.
    I need to know which specific resolutions Windows 10 actually uses. The default resolution for cursors is 32px @ 32bpp. For the purposes of this discussion, the ANI and CUR formats are the same; animation actually presents NO challenges for me. Finding an intelligent Republican or a non-dogmatic jingoist is another matter entirely.

    I don't want to be limited to 32px if I can do bigger.

    Furthermore, I have a bigger problem: Using IconLover, I know how to set the Hot Spot for a single-format ANI or CUR cursor, but not how to do so for each format within a multi-format image archive. Also, I cannot determine the resolution Windows actually uses, as when I take a screenshot, the cursor is omitted from the screen-grab!

    The biggest problem, however, is when I attempt to use a custom 128px CUR file AT that resolution, one of two things happen:
    1. The cursor changes from Custom to Default (not my image), albeit at a larger RES.
    2. It renders the 128px file as 032px (at least as far as I can eyeball, given that the bloody ScreenGrab doesn't record the CURSOR!).

    So…how do I "tell" Windows to render cursors at max resolutions regardless of individual customizations? This crap wouldn't even be an issue in Linux or Unix, kinda like in that Quentin Tarantino movie, Death-Proof: "If Warren says 'do it,' then you do it!" Windows is a different story altogether; when you give a command, and Windows responds, Windows may not be doing what you want it to, or what you THINK you're telling it to do.

    Bottom line is I have a huge screen and a tiny accursed cursor, and I want my CUSTOMIZED cursors big enough to see and use, blah, blah, blah—ya know?
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