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Thread: Screenshot only makes sound when NOT saving to file.

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    Smile Screenshot only makes sound when NOT saving to file.

    I implemented this...

    "Add sound to PrintScreen screenshot in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista" (not allowed to post URLs yet so you will have to google this exactly pasted to see what I did) only will make a sound if you are saving the screenshot to the clipboard. However, when I hit WINDOWS KEY+PRT SCRN KEY where it saves the screenshot to the screenshot folder it does not make a sound. Does anyone know how to get it to make the snapshot sound when I hit the WINDOWS KEY+PRT SCRN KEY. I'm trying to understand the registry little by little and I think it will help my understanding if someone can explain why this doesn't work for the WINDOWS KEY+PRT SCRN KEY combo

    Actually, I ONLY want it to make the sound when it saves it to a file and NOT when it saves to the clipboard bc then I know it's saved without having to look!


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    I have no idea. Maybe you should ask in the comments section of that post, where you saw it.

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