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Thread: Compatibility of Microsoft Money 2003 with Windows 10

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    Unhappy Compatibility of Microsoft Money 2003 with Windows 10

    I was using MSMoney 2003. When I lost my OS, thanks for Microsoft updates, I re-set my system. The software, this one, was not there, we lost the disk, so I went on line and bought a version and attempted to install. I had a real problem trying to get that done, being a long time Tech, I finally got it installed.

    Now I have exported my transactions from my bank. I have exported the 3 times, each time when I go to import, it keeps saying file corrupt.

    I had been using this software quite successfully before the reset. NOW, after uninstalling and re-installing 3 times, still problem???

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    Have you tried it on other OS like Windows 7/8.1 if you have?
    Check this post from Answers, read through the links provided there and see if it helps.

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