Hi-Please bear with me as this will be a long post in order to, hopefully, clearly explain my issue. It all started with the installation of Windows version 1803. It occurs consistently . An example: let us use the calculator which I have pinned to the task bar. When I hit the calculator icon on the task bar it opens as it should. But the moment that I move the cursor from the task bar, in order to go to the calculator window, the window disappears. This happens with many files once they've been minimized to the task bar. I have no access to the window. It's most frustrating as I, obviously, can't perform any actions as the window is gone! If I click on the icon on the task bar, and then keep the mouse left button depressed I can then move to the window as it remains open. However if I wander (the cursor) off of the window it once again disappears.
It does not happen if I open a folder such as documents, but as soon as I open an image file, as an example, minimize it to the task bar and then try to open it the same disappearing act happens once again. Am I making any sense? If you understand what I'm attempting to explain, and can provide a possible solution PLEASE! do so. Thanks so much for your patience.