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Thread: Locked minimize on Windows 10

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    Default Locked minimize on Windows 10

    My new computer has become locked on “minimize”. Anything I try to open just creates another icon on the taskbar. Right-clicking the icon gives me “open” as a choice but clicking it does nothing.
    Win+Shift+M does nothing.
    Win+Home does nothing.

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    A follow up:
    I finally got someone with good skills to take a look at it. Here’s what had occurred:
    First, when I set up the computer I put two cables connecting the tower to the monitor. The instructions weren’t clear, very criptic. One HDMI and one DVI cable. But this didn’t cause problems at first - it worked normally for three weeks. But the computer thought there were two monitors, and somehow it switched to trying to send the display to the second non-existent monitor. An accidental key or two that I hit?
    The solution was simply to remove the extra connection. When it was restarted it worked fine.
    I hope this helps someone.
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