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Thread: 1803 Update hassles

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    Default 1803 Update hassles

    Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike Microsoft and in particular Win 10 Updates?? I'll share my experience.

    I have my major Win 10 updates postponed 45 days in Win 10 Pro. I hoped by then bugs are worked out Yesterday was day 46. 1803 arrived...

    Installed as expected, but then time to check all of the reported issues to see if I had them and a good run through my computer to see what broke that was not reported by others. Quite a list to review. Three pages of compiled notes on other's issues.

    After quite a few hours of review, this is what Windows Update changed on my machine and for the most-part I see no reason it should have.

    Changed Recycle Bin Icons once again requiring a reg tweak for it to stay - again
    Reset my disabling of the touch screen on the laptop
    Saved File Explorer and folder columns selections and widths changed
    Mapped network drives missing. Restored on reboot, but needed descriptions changed
    Activity Settings were on by default. Disabled
    Turned off Timeline Account which was enabled by default
    My custom color was changed for restarting screen, etc
    Added the word "shortcut" again to desktop shortcuts
    Turned on Wi-Fi which I had off by default - even while connected by ethernet.
    Had to disable Connectivity Service for Telemetry Again
    .JPG "Open With" right click lost some entries
    Removed Max Cached Icons RGSZ in Registry
    Added Nearby Sharing to the Action Center
    Windows MiracastView Errors - not yet found why
    Shutdown settings Had to clear the "Turn on fast startup option" again which can blue screen on boot on my machine.
    Settings > System > Storage > Free up space- Now moved from the Drive Right Click Menu. OK. I'll have to remember that one
    System Restore is now as if it is a brand new computer :( Actually makes some sense.
    Windows forgot the previously used Run Commands. Track app launches Under Privacy / General needed to be re-checked
    Macrium Backup Type in file explorer was unregistered from their installed dll's I had to re register.

    Not terrible, but more than a few hours work to find the changes made in error.


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    True, every major updates features all or most personal settings and changes to system defaults

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