Dear Windows Club.

My pc automatically updated the April Windows 10 Upgrade, and now my pc is giving me so many hassles. I can't switch the pc off because if I do, every time I start up again I have between and hour and two's updates running before I can start work on my pc. It asks me 20 times a day if I want to update features, and I can only choose a later time, not say no.
My pc is super slow and some of my programmes don't work properly.

I have read the forum link on "How to rollback & uninstall Windows 10 April 2018 Update", BUT in RECOVERY I no longer have a "Go back to earlier version/build" button.

I only have the following options, none of which are helpful:

RESET YOUR PC: Basically just restarting PC
ADVANCED STARTUP: Starting up from divice or disc or
MORE RECOVERY OPTIONS: Start Fresh by reinstalling and up to date installation of windows. This does an automatic update of the already updated (UNWANTED) VERSION.

Please help!!