I have Windows 10 1607 enterprise which I installed without Store, Edge or Cortana

It serves my purpose great but to break up my work I like to try the occasional puzzle game
Most just install ok but I have one now that has an "installapp.exe" in the folder but when I launch this its says I need to have Microsoft Vlibs 140.00
So I looked around and found some appx files
Did what I thought was installing them but it seems not to have worked
The runtime, framework etc. files do appear in my C:\ windowsapps folder but the program will not launch and even says "currently installed" and there is nothing in the list
So is the Win store integral for these appx files to install and run or should they just work anyway ?
Many thanks

PS. I have tried powershell cmds, reg edits, something called microshell ??, my PC is in developer mode and I have all C++ etc. installed