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Thread: OneDrive will not sync fully to my OneDrive account

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    Default OneDrive will not sync fully to my OneDrive account

    I have a home office PC with Windows 10 that I do most of my work on. I save 90% of my stuff to OneDrive.
    I just got a new Surface Pro today with Windows 10 and the OneDrive sync it does is what I had in my OneDrive account about 6 months ago. Why won't it sync up to today's stuff?
    Thank you.

    P.S. - I have done all the stuff the MS site says to do to get it the sync. Either does not work or their instructions do not match up with what I have available to do (i.e., the directions tell me to do stuff that will lead to something else and when I try that it does not lead to what they say it will, so I am stuck.)

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    This post will help you - OneDrive sync problems.

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