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Thread: CHKDSK made a file without extension

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    Default CHKDSK made a file without extension

    Windows prompted me to "fix" my HDD and it turned a whole folder into a file without extension, this was a while ago now but is there any way of recovering these files? I think it was about 10-15 files in .bin format.

    This is the file in question - I am not allowed to post URLs yet but the file is named VMC.

    Also opening it in an HEX Editor (I use HxD) reveals the names of the files that the folder used to contain.

    The one file that is the most important is GT4.bin. The .bin files are all virtual memory cards for my FMCB PS2 Slim and my about 75% completion of GT4 is contained in that .bin file.

    Running UnCHK etc just generates more files without extensions. VMC-1, VMC-2, VMC-3 and so on up to about VMC-8.

    Any clue on what to do???

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    You could use a free file recovery software and check if it works for you.
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    Any update on this scenario ISAKM?

    I'll second HappyAndy's recommendation to try Recuva as I own a license to Piriform's entire Business Suite and Recuva is a part of that suite. It's recovered errors like that on client hard drives before when a chkdsk /f has managed to screw things up before and the free version should work just as well. If not, there are other more advanced tools I use you could try, but none of them are free. Depends how important that GT4.bin file really is to you I guess.

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