Hello. I am a new member of the club having just joined in the last hour and having read many posts and seen that the dreaded error message seems to occur across many different instances I thought I would share my experience in the hope it will help other who finish in the same seemingly bottomless hole.

I purchased a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking, to assist me with the many typing jobs I had to do. I downloaded the program, and it automatically went into install mode quite comfortably, however at around the 50% mark the dreaded error message occurred. I initially thought that it was the program software fault, however after searching the Internet for potential solutions I eventually discovered that the error lay within Windows itself. That is because there were certain commands to Windows that eventually resolved The problem.

I found many potential solutions and tried each one in turn. On resuming the installation the same Error 2753, The file is not marked for installation occurred. I spent a total of eight hours working on this problem until I struck gold. I finally found the following steps using these potential solutions in combination and lo and behold the installation completed successfully. Because of this success and knowing from my own frustration there must be many others out there with the same problem, still tearing their hair out, unable to resolve it. So what follows is the combined solutions in the steps that I took to resolve this problem and hopefully it will apply to others who have this same problem.

Here goes:

Windows key + R and insert %temp% I then hit the enter key

On entering the temp folder I used to ctrl+A to select all files

I use the delete key to remove these files, skipping files where indicated and then closed the folder

I then rebooted the computer

After bootup I then went in to the Component Services Dialogue. I did try to use the run box to access this but for some reason it would not activate correctly so I had to go through the menu until I reached It using the Windows administrative tools menu route

I selected services (local) and then worked my way down to the Windows installer, it was not running so I pressed start. I then closed this dialogue.

My next step was to go into CMD activating it as administrator.

Here I entered the following command - regsvr32 vbscript.dll and on executing it I received the correct response of “DllRegisterServer in vbscript.dll succeeded.”

The next step was again to use Windows key + R and entered the following instruction - MSIEXEC /UNREGISTER

The next step was again to use Windows key + R and entered the following instruction - MSIEXEC /REGSERVER

The final step was to run the installation program again but in Administrator mode. Installation successful and now I am using this program to create this post.

I do hope that this information is useful. After screaming at the computer, wrongfully blaming the purchased software for this problem, driven with frustration for eight hours, I finally cracked it.

Knowing there will be others in the same boat who will probably be needing some hair restoration After tearing theirs out in clumps I hope this helps alleviate their misery.

Thank you for the ability to share this information and I am delighted to be able to pass on this information. :-)