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Thread: How to force keep a Sevice running on Windows

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    Default How to force keep a Sevice running on Windows

    Hi, this is my first post in here. I am a photcopier engineer by trade, my IT knowledge is enough to do what I need for my job but I am by no means an 'IT Guy'

    I have to install a software called PIPS on all my cusomers computers, some servers but mostly just local PCs. It sends information about their photocopiers and printers to my office for improved service.

    After installing I go into Services and set the recovery to restart after 1st and 2nd failure. Occasionally it seems windows updates can stop the service from running (this is on windows 7, 8 and 10) and I have to either remote into their PC if they have admin rights or go on site and restart the service myself while making sure it all still works.

    I have a couple of particular customers where the service stops working every few days or every week or two and it's becoming a right hassle to keep restarting it. I can't phone them and ask them to keep doing it, it's not their job to.

    So my long winded question is this, is there a simple way of keep that service running constantly from when they boot up PC until they power it off?

    I don't know enough about windows to figure out why the services keep stopping. BUT... I am willing to find out how and if I can make a way to keep them running automatically.


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    The best you can do is create a batch file with this command

    NET stop service name
    NET start service name

    and then use task scheduler to run it every hour.

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