EULA or End User License Agreement is part of Windows Upgrade where users need to accept few terms and conditions. If you receive Windows Upgrade EULA Error codes 0XC190010e, 0XC1900110, 0XC1900113, 0XC1900120, then it means that you had missed accepting EULA or something similar. Below is the list of Error codes with detail

1] 0XC190010e (MOSETUP_E_EULA_ACCEPT_REQUIRED): The installation process requires that the user accept the license agreement
2] 0XC1900110 (MOSETUP_E_EULA_CANCEL): The user has chosen to cancel for the license agreement.
3] 0XC1900113 (MOSETUP_E_EULA_DECLINED): The user has declined the license terms.
4] 0XC1900120 (MOSETUP_E_EULA_TIMEOUT): The user has not accepted Eula within the required time limit.

The error messages are very clear. Either the EULA was not accepted or it was declined, and sometimes it was timed out by the upgrade process. Make sure to accept the license.