So I'm trying to apply a policy that disables access to all apps for a certain user group in Server 2012 R2, for a restricted user group in Win 10... Trouble is you enable the gpo to disable All Apps list, it just disables the placeholder via the start menu..

The All Apps list is then accessible via a windows gesture control via the start menu..

See here>>>

All we want is specific user group to access defined applications icons deployed via gpo on the desktop, and due to security reason within the organisation I work in never be able to access all apps for that particular user group

How do we go about this without having to apply a destructive powershell script that removes all items shortcuts from the all apps list in the start menu ?

Better still how do you go about disabling the gesture shown above that allows access to all apps ?

Is there a registry setting that can be tweaked in Win 10 to enable or disable this ?